Fulton Theatre - Season subscriber discount!

When you are a Fulton Theatre Season Ticket Subscriber, you lock in your seats, your dates and book your stays for the entire season. The Lancaster Bed & Breakfast want to extend this amazing offer to all season Fulton subscribers.  Using the Fulton Theatre website customize your theatre season then call us to reserve each theatre nights stay at the Lancaster Bed & Breakfast and you will receive 20% your stays for all six shows.

To start this wonderful Fulton Theatre Season as a subscriber www.thefulton.org then stay at the Lancaster!


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We are TripAdvisor Silver Certified Green.

Although we are unable to provide totally green lodging, we do many things to do our part and are always looking for more ways to keep our environment clean to save resources and hopefully help save our planet.

  • Recycle #1 & #2 plastic, newspaper, metal, and glass
  • Recycle leaves and trimmings to township compost center
  • Use reusable totes when shopping locally
  • Use eco-conscious cleaning products
  • Ask our guests to reuse towels
  • Invested in energy star appliances (dishwasher, stove, low-water-use front-load clothes washer)
  • Grow herbs and fresh flowers for use in the inn
  • Use a mulching mower
  • Use LED light bulbs
  • Outside lighting on timers and motion detection
  • Buy locally whenever possible to save on fuel being used in transportation of goods
  • Use only no-VOC paints
  • Recycle used towels to homeless shelter and local veterinarian
  • Installed new energy efficient non-Freon central air-conditioning system in the cottage
  • Switched from oil burner to new 95% efficient gas burner for heating the inn
We are committed to learning more and using less in an effort to become as green as possible.